Newcastle Tyne bridgeWhen applying for the graduate scheme, you may notice there’s a choice of either the London or Newcastle office. As the only graduate blogger from the Newcastle office, I thought I’d tell you a little about what it’s like working in the smaller of the two offices.

The practical side

The Newcastle office itself is much smaller than its London counterpart. There are around 80 of us spread across just under one floor. This means that after just a few weeks you’ll know most of the office at least by sight. The office is also fairly central – it’s less than a ten minute walk from Newcastle train station, and the nearest metro station. On an equally practical level, we also have a communal milk fund you can opt into so you can rest in the knowledge that there will be opportunities to make a cup of tea (or coffee). There’s also a fridge and microwaves if you need them.

The graduate intake has ranged from eight graduates in the 2014 intake (and four school leavers), to seven graduates in the 2015 intake (and three school leavers).

The Newcastle office staffs a lot of non-local audits where travelling will be necessary; this can sometimes be for a number of weeks (anywhere from one week to eleven weeks – although you will be home for weekends). Some of these audits include the Department of Health which is based in Leeds, and the Department for Work and Pensions which includes locations such as Blackpool, Leeds and Liverpool.

The social side

It’s a bit of an office tradition to bring in cake on your birthday, but also if you’ve been on holiday. And there’s also the tradition of ‘Pick’n’Mix Fridays’. Basically, we like an excuse to eat sweets and it being a Friday is a good enough one.

The office has a men’s football team which take part in a local league, with matches being held on Sundays. There’s also the Christmas Cup – an annual intra-NAO 5-a-side football tournament.

Through working at the Newcastle office, you also gain access to a wide range of events through the Northern Chartered Accountant Students’ Society. This ranges from annual dinners, and networking evenings. The annual dinners are often very popular, and are an opportunity to support charities and meet new people in the profession.

As mentioned in previous posts, the office in London have a number of quizzes, such as the Pop Quiz. I’m sure you’ll be thrilled to find out that there’s also a pop quiz (and even a film quiz) held in Newcastle. Both prove to be a fun night, and I have even heard rumours of people attending the pop quiz in full fancy dress…


You won’t just work in Newcastle, however, you’ll also go to college there. Fortunately the college is literally opposite the train station, so there’s hardly a walk at all. I think one of the biggest benefits for many people is that just downstairs from college there is a Greggs that fulfils many people’s caffeine or pasty requirements throughout the day.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Newcastle office, just let us know!

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