Time for reviewWell I hate to start a blog post with a little lie, technically I have been here 8 months now. But I wanted to just give an update on what I have been part of during my first few months since the intake officially began in September last year. 

It has been a bit of a whirlwind in all honesty; loads of new faces and streams of information coming from all over. The exams have been a major component of my role thus far, however, another blog post will be discussing the difficulties involved with those. I have taken part in a variety of projects since September; one of which came to a head last week when the VFM report I worked on went before the Public Accounts Committee (PAC). Seeing months of work actually being used in a serious way; facts and figures that seemed so insignificant when first found but are now being used by MPs to question the goings on of a major government department was incredible. It was an experience like no other and is entirely unique to our role at the NAO. This was the highlight of my time working here so far and I hope to be involved more in the future and have my name on further reports that help bring government departments to account.

I have also been involved in the planning stage for two of the major audits in our cluster; meeting clients and updating process notes as well as spending my first nights away in exotic locations like Southend and Worthing. I am finally beginning to realise what my job entails; it has taken 8 months but I am now understanding how many varying opportunities I have available to me at the NAO. I was involved in a meeting recently chaired by Michael Whitehouse, our COO and newly honoured with an OBE. During the meeting he told us why he had joined the NAO; he wanted to be involved in politics but also felt comfort knowing he was still involved in a financial role, sounding very similar to the reasons I joined and if his career is anything to go by I am starting to think I made the right choice.

Looking forwards I still have plenty of exams to overcome and my first interim and final audits to experience but I have been thoroughly enjoying the roles and responsibilities I have undertaken this far. Bring on the Spring and hopefully some summer holidays.

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