It’s been over two years since we launched this blog, and we’ve recently hit the 100 blog posts mark (well done to our fabulous bloggers!). Time to look back, we think, and what better way than to have a look at what you actually liked best?

100 blog posts(Obviously, we like to think that every article we publish on this blog will be a smashing hit, but as truth will have it, some articles perform better than others…) Read on for a list of our top 10 most popular blog posts.
  1. Studying for the ACA – the first year
  2. 10 reasons for choosing the ACA qualification
  3. How to prepare for the numerical reasoning test
  4. Preparing for an initial interview
  5. Preparing for the NAO assessment centre
  6. How I landed a place on the NAO graduate scheme
  7. Time to say goodbye… What I will miss most about the NAO
  8. Keep calm and demonstrate competencies: how to survive the assessment centre
  9. Getting over that initial hurdle: Tips for your NAO application form
  10. Competencies: How can you demonstrate you’ve got them?

Maybe not entirely surprisingly, most of our top 10 posts let you in on a well-kept secret: how to actually get a foot in our door in the first place! Tips and tricks around the application process, shared by those who’ve successfully mastered this process, are particularly well sought after by you (and we do hope that our pearls of wisdom have helped you tackling what often is a daunting task). Plus, equally not entirely surprisingly, you also take an interest in what you will eventually take away from your time with us – the ACA qualification.

(The eagle-eyed amongst you might also notice that some of the blog posts that have performed best on the graduate blog come from as far back as two years ago; they’ve had more time to mature.)

Have you got your own favourites? Let us by leaving a comment below!

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