ReviewNew Year’s resolutions – always easy to make, and always so easy to break! So, how did we do so far (we, that is a couple of trainees in my intake who shared their (vaguely) work related resolutions with me back in January)? Given that we are half-way through the year, now seems like an appropriate point to update you on progress made.
  1. ‘To eat more healthily’ – I think I can say that this has been going fairly well for me. I have largely managed to avoid chips in the canteen but this has been outweighed by large amount of audit treats.
  2. ‘To be more proactive and make my resolutions early’ – not relevant until closer to the end of the year!
  3. ‘To learn my native language of Gujarati’ – I tracked down the owner of this resolution who informed me with much regret that progress had been limited. However, further explanation was given to prove that this was not their fault as the provider had cancelled the courses (Quote: “No courses are currently on offer in this language”).
  4. ‘Not to attempt acrobatics in the office’ – again, not a resolution of mine, and as far as I am aware this resolution is still intact.
  5. ‘To cycle to work’ – Personally I have had mixed success with this resolution. I cycled to work today which was very pleasant in the sunshine, but my record over the last couple of months has been a little patchy. However I intend to make the most of being in the office now to cycle to work whenever possible; I definitely feel wide awake by the time I arrive at the office.
  6. ‘To travel more’ – again this was not one of my resolutions, but having forgotten who originally provided me with this comment I will answer it myself. Over the last six months I have been mostly London-based with work, with the exception of a month-long trip to New York in April and some shorter stays in Salisbury. Outside of work I have managed to fit in a trip to the continent too and I am looking forward to getting away over the summer, so I think I have had a good amount of travel in the first half of this year.

All in all I think good progress has been made!

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