Top 10

All things must come to an end, be it a nice holiday, an awesome movie, a damned good meal (or hangovers, exams etc.) or even the time as a graduate trainee. I was asked to look back at my time as a trainee to pick out a top 10 of things I did that I really enjoyed.

  1. Going to the pub on a Friday with people from the office.
  2. Exploring a new audit location in the evenings. While I never did go on an international audit, I did get the opportunity to go to Southend, Buxton.
  3. Meeting client staff, whether it is the first time or the fifth time. This is especially true when they remember you from a year ago when you only spent five days on site. There are many interesting conversations to be had if you take the time.
  4. The office Christmas parties and team lunches. They were always a good way to spend an evening/afternoon to relax and celebrate the success of the year/audit season with the people you have spent a lot of time working with.
  5. Seeing my name printed in a value for money study. I was only heavily involved in one study, and whilst more would have been nice, I am very grateful that I got the opportunity to get deeply involved and credited in at least one study.
  6. Successfully planning an audit in one week, then being involved in decision-making early in my second year in the office. This was the turning point for me and that confidence boost was incredible. Alongside this was identifying a way through a very complex accounting issue and navigating a frustrating account area (all different audits). The sense of achievement gave further confidence boosts.
  7. Leading an audit to completion. It is immensely satisfying to know that you were responsible and finished the job, rather than someone else doing it.
  8. Passing the exams and getting my ICAEW Training File submitted to finally become qualified. This is what I came here to do, so naturally it features on the list. Plus passing exams is always a good thing!
  9. Asset existence testing on the Health & Safety Laboratory audit. A great audit with plenty of assets to let someone with a scientific geekiness to go nuts! I especially liked the jet turbine engines used to burn things, or burn holes in things; all in the name of health and safety.
  10. Going to Number 10 Downing Street. Admittedly all I did was sit of a sofa and wait for someone to bring me a disc of data, but I got to go inside!

As I now start moving toward the next phase of my career, I am genuinely excited by what the future holds; and what my top 10 list will look like after the first three years of my time as a qualified financial auditor.

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