Twitter Q&AAs trainees, we often get the chance to help at recruitment events such as the assessment centre lunches, recruitment videos and graduate fairs. Those events offer a great opportunity for us to answer any questions that applicants might have. After all, we’ve been through the same process already and can (hopefully!) offer some advice on how best to get through it. As you might have realised we are pretty active on social media, so we thought it might be a good idea after all to get in touch with you on there, too, as a way to answer your questions in real time. So, in October, we launched our very first Twitter Question & Answer session, and I was part of it!

Each Q&A session lasts an hour and is advertised beforehand on our Twitter and Facebook accounts, graduate job boards and this blog. I’ve taken part in two Twitter Q&A sessions about the scheme so far. We welcome questions about absolutely anything related to the graduate scheme or the NAO’s work – application tips, information about the ACA qualification or even what to wear on your first day in the office!

We will be doing another Twitter Q&A soon so look out for #AskNAOgrads or tweet us @NAOgraduatejobs. You can also email the HR service desk ( for questions specific to your application.

Here is a summary of the questions asked on the session we held this Monday (18 November):

The application form

Q: When listing previous work experience, should you concentrate on the work itself or skills acquired?
A: It’s best to give a brief overview of any positions held and the skills acquired. There will be a chance to demonstrate skills in the competency questions.

Q: Do applicants need to list every GCSE?
A: GCSEs are not a minimum requirement so there is no need to list them. You only need to disclose A-level grades and actual/predicted degree grade.

Q: What should I write on my application if I have an international qualification?
A: State your actual qualifications without translating to the UK equivalent and our team will match your grades to our requirements.

The graduate scheme

Q: What support do trainees get when studying for the ACA qualification?
A: Trainees get time off work to attend college and the training team are always on hand to answer questions.

Q: How does the NAO’s work differ from commercial audit?
A: We do a range of assurance work as well as statutory audit and drive improvements across public services.

Q: How often do trainees travel for audits?
A: It depends on your work allocation but generally about 10 weeks per year.

Q: What is the key quality that differentiates the NAO from other employers?
A: We offer a great training programme with interesting client diversity and a chance to do different types of audit work. There is great support for both exams and work experience. It is a friendly and sociable place to work with a strong peer network.

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